Danny Marsh, Owner

​An LA native, I was hit with the fashion bug an early age. After a very successful career with the South Van Nuys Little League Cubs, I discovered plaid blazers and platforms shoes. Unbeknownst to me this discovery will set the trail for my future career.

I was still in high school when I got my first job in a local clothing store named Harris and Frank, and I liked it. College took me to San Francisco where I majored in philosophy with a minor in music.  I continued working in retail at a store called Grodins as I worked my way through school. It was while working at Grodins that I realized my true calling.  The opportunity to customize each client’s wardrobe specifically for their lifestyle, the constant evolution of fabrication, fit and expression is what makes me run.

Returning to Los Angeles after college, I quickly started to make a name for myself in retail, working in high-end stores such as Rick Pallack, Bobby Yosten and eventually ending up at Sy Devore in 1988. It was ultimately at Sy Devore where I truly began to be recognized for my taste level and started to build a solid client base. Retail had become my creative expression.

I held on to the single life for as long as I could,  but in 1996 cupid came knocking and I married my wife. In 2000, I became a partner at Sy Devore. In 2001 my daughter was born. In August of 2007 I became the sole proprietor of  Sy Devore.

Throughout my career, I have been given the opportunity to have my work represented at the Oscars, Emmy, Grammy, Tony and many other award shows. I received an Emmy certificate for my work on Picket Fences. I have also been fortunate enough to work with the most talented costume designers in TV and film and contribute to some of the biggest shows and films of our time from “Men in Black” to “Avatar” from “Hill Street Blues to “Desperate Housewives” and many more. 

In 2008 the fashion industry MR Magazine honored me with the “Retailor of the Year” award.  Sy Devore is my passion. While I continue to push the fashion envelope, develop new products, constantly seek out new and fresh brands, create an inviting store environment, and individually wardrobe our clients, at the end of the day, I just want to be a great dad to my little girl.

Sy Devore History

Sy Devore was tailor to the entire Rat Pack—Dean, Sammy, Frank, Peter and Joey.  When the Rat Pack started to play Vegas, the guys encouraged Sy to open a store there.  In 1955, Sy Devore opened at the Sands Hotel.  In 1958, Sy Devore opened a third store in Palm Springs where the stars also had homes.  Then in 1962, with the opening of an open air mall in Sherman Oaks, Sy opened the fourth store in Sherman Oaks.

Sy Devore passed away in 1967.  It was then that his brother Al Devore –who had been Sy’s business partner all along -  took charge and kept the Sy Devore name and reputation alive and flourishing. Al‘s daughter - and Sy’s niece - Marti Devore started working at Sy Devore when she was just a little girl and eventually became the proprietor along with Lenny Freedman. In 2000, the Sherman Oaks Sy Devore store moved to its current location on Ventura and Coldwater in Studio city.

In 1988 Danny Marsh came to work at Sy Devore and after being partners with Lenny and Marti for 12 years, he eventually bought the store in 2007.  Danny has kept the Sy Devore legacy alive by continuing to work with celebrities and costume designers in film and TV, as well as by designing Sy Devore label suits, shirts and sweaters.