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Special Services


We understand life's hectic and sometimes it's a challenge to get to the store to pick up your alterations. We are happy to deliver your pieces within a 5 mile radius, or even ship your purchase upon request.

Tailor Shop

Our skilled on-site tailor is at your disposal for alterations to all regularly priced Sy Devore purchases at no charge. Our alteration turnaround is based on your schedule and needs.

We also provide tune-ups to previous purchases such as routine wardrobe maintenance to tightening up loose buttons (*charge for this is determined by the level of maintenance).

Special Orders

Whether it's a sport coat, tux, pair of shoes, or just a beloved t-shirt, if your size is not in store, we will do our best to order the item from one of our many resources.


Our MTM Service enables you to choose the perfect fabric and customize the perfect fit to suit your style and body. Sy Devore takes advantage of the close relationships we have curated over the years with various manufacturers to deliver a suit all your own in a just 4 to 6 weeks. Whether it's for a wedding or just an addition to wear to work, you won't find a better plan to be your most original self.

Gift Cards

The Sy Devore Gift Card guarantees your gift will be the perfect style, fit and color. Purchase a gift card online or in store for any denomination you choose to give the lucky recipient a very unique shopping experience.

Shopping By Appointment

Shopping by appointment allows us to give you the personal attention and time you need, as your schedule permits. Anything from Made-To-Measure or a wardrobe refresh, we are able to set an appointment to give you an uninterrupted, specialized experience. For assistance with personal shopping and making an appointment, please contact us at 818-783-2700.

Closet Makeovers

When you shop for your new seasonal wardrobe, owner of Sy Devore, Danny Marsh, will come to your home and let you know which items are worn out or out of style. Danny will suggest how to coordinate your existing clothes with new additions. And, upon your choosing, we will even be able to take your old clothes and donate them to a local charity on your behalf.

Travel Packing

Not many people love to pack and a lot of us are pressed for time. So whether you're going skiing, lying on a beach all day, or just going on a business trip, we will be able to add our expertise on which items in your wardrobe will best suit your getaway. We will personally be able to ensure you feel comfortable with the items you pack as well as suggest other pieces you may need.

Studio Services

Since the 1940's in Hollywood, Sy Devore has had the opportunity to work with the world's most talented costume designers in film and television. Working with designers to fit the needs of each character they dress to working with stylists to ensure their client is red carpet ready, we take pride in the work we do and choices we provide.

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